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The industry of science has diverse fields and concentrations. Everything from biology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, One of the more popular areas of science increasing in research/development and funding is biotechnology. To summarize, biotechnology uses biological systems found in organisms to develop technology for various sectors further. These sectors are spread across different industries, including the agricultural and healthcare industries. Biotechnology is imperative to the development of tools used in all fields of science. Listed below is more information about biotechnology: explained. 

Biotechnology in medicine: 

The healthcare sector experienced growth in the number of technologies and apparatuses available to improve human health. Thanks to biotechnology, scientists and researchers are continually examining methods to eradicate and heal diseases in humans. Additionally, researchers want to understand more about the human body. 

In particular, scientists are interested in learning more about human cells, their functions, and DNA structure. To understand how biology works, we must first understand it at a molecular level. In studying different viruses, bacterias, and pathogens, scientists can appropriately make a remedy to combat human illnesses. 

Some of the most popular products to come out of the biotechnology medicine sector are vaccines and antibiotics. Vaccines are a solution injected into the body to fight off unknown viruses that attack the immune system. The solution is often a subdued version of the actual virus. For example, flu shots are a universal antidote to fighting and preventing H1N1 (the common flu). The solution is meant to have the immune system attack and detect what is happening in the body. Once it learns the genetic code for that virus, it sends antibodies to terminate the solution, thus eliminating the infection. Once the disease is gone, the body stores information about its specifics, so the next time it occurs, the body can immediately fight it. This leads to quicker recovery time. 


Antibiotics are harvested from plants. Antibiotics are known for combatting unknown pathogens that pose any threat to the human body. Plants have an abundance of antibodies used to produce medicines. Also, extracting antibodies from plants allows scientists to create antibiotics in much higher quantity compared to animal antibodies. 

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