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Are you fascinated by the possibility of using science to improve food, health, or the ecosystem? Then, consider taking up a career in biotechnology.

Biotechnology merges the best technology and biology to arrive at better products that improve human life. It is about making personal care products, domesticating plants and animals, beers, and wines, among other leading products. Then, what career prospects should you expect when you take up a career in biotechnology? Here is a quick guide.

Diverse Career Paths

Biotechnology combines various disciplines, including modern biology, physics, mathematics, and chemistry. In turn, products from biotechnology are available in fields like pharmaceutical, agriculture, diagnostics, genetic research, and bioengineering. Then, use your skills to work as a forensic expert, animal scientist, food technologist, or even an epidemiologist. These areas have high remunerations that are far better than other industries.

Come Up with Solutions to 21stCentury Challenges

Since biotechnology focuses on genetic engineering, a career path in this field will have you take part in:


  • Finding crop species with the highest yields
  • Coming up with disease-resistant plants that can tolerate harsh weather conditions hence,
  • Using less harsh chemicals that sip back into the ecosystem to pollute it
  • Cutting on carbon emission by using biodegradable fuels and energy-efficient processes

The Field is Progressing Fast

Finally, did you know that biotechnology is slowly replacing chemical technology? Yes, this field uses microorganisms as the primary tools. In contrast, chemical technology uses expensive processes to convert chemicals into final products. Hence, biotechnology is a cheaper, safer, and sustainable option.

Second, the future of biotechnology is promising. Scientific advances in such fields as genomics, DNA computers, and bioinformatics make this field a primary catalyst to the growth of the world economy. For example, DNA analysis in forensics makes it possible to identify remains for burn or accident victims who are unrecognizable.


Most leading universities recognize the immense potential in biotechnology. Hence, they offer specialist courses in this field. If you want to kick-start your career in biotechnology, find out when your local university holds a career open day. Use it to gather as much information about the course. Or visit the administration department who will let you know of the available study opportunities.